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We want to help you achieve true wealth.

True wealth is more than just money.

Unopoly, Inc. is not just another charity site. First, we are a philanthropic business game. Philanthropic means helping; business means an enterprise that engages in different methods of gaining financial potential and prosperity; and game means that we are engaging in a financial game that has rules.

In our own way we are changing the game rules a bit. Normally, we would be called a nonprofit organization. In the old way of doing business in the not-for-profit world a nonprofit would solicit alms and donations from the public to help fund the nonprofit’s enterprises and activities helping different causes. Foundations are created by wealthy people, businesses, and families to be philanthropic with all of the wealth they have created by their enterprises. But, we are different.

Unopoly, Inc. is a for-profit philanthropic business game that changes the model drastically. Like a nonprofit organization we make known our desire to help special needs children and young adults and request donations to help us achieve our projects to help. But, in turn, we give great things back to the donor in the form of cash and discount benefits that can't be beat. The discounts more than pay for the yearly donation amount.

For a $15 per month recurring donation a donor will be helping Don’t Shake The Baby! projects that will definitely enliven and enrich the lives of special needs children and young adults. We need to get the news out about Shaken Baby Syndrome and its dangers, first and foremost. The projects on this site are our near and dear projects to us; it’s going to take money to bring them to fruition. (We have other interesting things in mind too.)

At Unopoly, Inc. we believe in giving as much, or more, than what we receive. With that in mind we feel that our program deserves the opportunity to grow and flourish to reach our goals. The traditional nonprofit mold was stifling, and not very creative. You give; they get. You don’t even know if your money really did anything for anyone. With us, we will be in direct contact with you on a regular basis to keep you updated on what we are working on at any given time. You will receive great discounts and benefits, AND you will be receiving monthly income if you just tell someone else and they join. Nonprofits can't do that. How easy this is!

Best of all, you will be helping special needs children and young adults to have more in store for them in life. We need to make these unique individuals the center of our attention and love. They didn’t ask for what happened to them; it just happened. Now, we see caregivers/families struggling to give their child/children a better chance in life, just like we would naturally do. Our family has differently-abled people in it; many families do too. Let’s join together and do something positive!
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The best feeling is knowing you helped someone.

​​​​​​​Unopoly, Inc. is offering you this opportunity to become a business associate and acquire real wealth from little or no effort. Your commitment is so small, but the rewards can be so great!

Your investment in Unopoly, Inc. is an investment in yourself. The normal affiliate program system is not enough to bring you to true wealth. You must be a true owner of stock in the company as well.

An "affiliate" is actually a Professional Customer. Hopefully you get paid back for it. We're a little different. You are also a true Owner as well. That changes everything!

In order to become a free business associate of Unopoly, Inc. join Karatbars as an Affiliate Distributor using the link below: 

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Join us as a free business associate. Join us for free with Karatbars as an Affiliate Distributor at the link below. When you join Karatbars you will receive 1 million shares of Unopoly, Inc. If you buy gold of any amount we will add 5 million shares for your first purchase. Purchase an Affiliate Distributor package and we will add 10 million shares to your portfolio with us. JOIN US TODAY!​​​​​​​. 

Unopoly, Inc.: The Corporation of the People

Elite Club members: 100 million shares.

Unopoly Clubs: Filling the Elite Club

If you become a Donation Partner as soon as you join we will give you 50% more free shares for involving yourself further with our company from the beginning; the normal Donation Partner shares you will receive for the Elite Club will be 50% more than 100 million, i.e. 150 Million shares, when you start your financial commitment of $15 monthly in the first month after you join. This offer is for a limited time. JOIN US TODAY!​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

First, join UnopolyGOLD for free at Karatbars to become our business partner and claim your 100 million shares of stock in Unopoly, Inc. Then, start your $15/month donations using the Donate Now button below to claim another 50% more shares, total 150 million shares, available only in the first month of joining.

All of the proceeds of our business programs go to fund our projects. When you join Karatbars as a Distributor you have joined us in the effort to bring help, love, kindness, and generosity to those who are the least fortunate among us, special needs children and young adults. Your support makes a big difference to us. We thank you in advance for your generous efforts to boost our visibility and help us make our projects happen.

The theory behind having trillions of shares available: Currently our shares are no par, meaning that they don't have a monetary value as yet. We are striving to create value for our company. With the help of our business associates we can do that. The lowest share trading amount of .0001/share would have the following values when we go public:

1 Million shares = $100; 5 Million = $500; 10 Million = $1000. If our share price gets up to .01/share, a penny; 1 Million = $10,000; 5 Million = $50,000; 10 Million = $100,000. Of course, who knows what will happen; you are getting the stock for free as a business associate regardless. But, look at what happened with Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies, which are based upon air, nothing. They soared and made people billions. Stranger things have happened! Think about $1 a share and all of the shares you will own; is that worth it to you?

Here is our quest: to bring value to this corporation by sharing the wealth with our business associates. It is simple: if we all get involved in Unopoly, Inc. and push this corporation into the stratosphere with our donation program and the support
of our other projects we, The People, can get and hold onto some of the wealth
that has eluded us so far. In the USA, corporations are legally people. Unopoly, Inc.
is a universal corporation; Unopoly means one out of many. That's what the USA
was created to be; that is a principle that I fully and firmly believe in! The people of this world can unite under us as business associates and bring about an upset in
​​​​​​​the system. Wouldn't it be very nice to have the world's most valuable corporation be Unopoly, Inc., a philanthropic corporation of the people, instead of Apple? In our own unique way, this can happen! Apple is worth over $1 trillion; we have the stock to be worth at least that and more. It's time for all of us to expand and enrich ourselves financially. Let us create a monopoly (Unopoly) of The People, using the 1% elites' very own tools and systems that they so jealously protect and empower. Corporations have great power; WE CAN DO THIS! Join us, and watch us make one of many and shoot for the stars, helping all of us, especially our special children, and our own families, along the way!

Protests only get you so far. We have to unite and change the direction we're going in TOGETHER, as ONE! Become financially independent through your partnership with Unopoly, Inc. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Join and get your free shares of stock today!​​​​​​​

Our Amazing Benefits

Treasured Kids
We treasure our kids because they are our future. We have to treat them right and give them better opportunities to live, grow, and develop into outstanding citizens.

Become Wealthy
Becoming wealthy gives us more resources to give to others less fortunate and deserving. We must help others. It is imperative to reach out and bear other's burdens. 

Working as One
When we all work together we can create miracles! Let's come together in this business and help our children who need it. $15/month: There's no better plan for success.