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 Project 1

Creating greater public awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome through ads and public service announcements in the different media. We will seek ways to publicize this problem and bring knowledge and support to stop this tragedy from happening. We plan on having an annual Gospel Carnivale that will be a big party for Special Needs children and their families and friends to help raise awareness and have a great time.​​​​​​​

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Unopoly, Inc./Don't Shake The Baby!

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 Project 2

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​Special Needs children in African and other developing nations are invisible. We want to remedy that and bring greater visibility to this situation by working with other charity groups who are already established in those locations. We want to sponsor Special Needs children in developing nations and provide for their care. 

 Project 3

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 Project 4

Special Needs young adults need an educational bridge between special education classes in high school and regular college. We want to form an online school for that. 

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 Project 5

Our Helping Hands Team will be composed of a nurse, a tutor, a personal trainer, a social assessor, a masseuse, a therapist/psychologist, and a friend. This team will provide free services to special needs children to improve their quality of life and assist their parents/caregivers with their care. We will pay medical copays also. Everything needed will be provided.

Unopoly, Inc.

Don't Shake The Baby!

Don't Shake The Baby! is our charitable division. Bringing awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome and the needs of special needs children.

 Project 2

We want to create dolls and toys for Special Needs children to play with and enjoy. We want to bring children dolls that resemble them and give them toys that accommodate their special needs.

Along with this, we will create a Special Needs children's book and TV cartoon series that highlights the situations that these children go through on a regular basis, i.e. bullying, neglect, disrespect, misunderstandings, etc., and show children that we all deserve to be treated fairly and lovingly.

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We want to create children's camps that are suitable for special needs adaptation. All kids will be able to attend these camps for free. The parents of special needs children will
be free to attend also, with their personal living expenses paid while they are at camp. ALL KIDS CAN HAVE FUN! 

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 Project 6

Special Needs children need playground equipment in parks and schools that accommodate them so that they can play alongside other children instead of just watching on the sidelines. To that end we will raise money to help Special Education teachers get the help and supplies they need and work toward having the special needs playground equipment made for the parks and schools nationwide.

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 Project 7

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We Are Awesome
​​​​​​​At Our Work
Art Day Fundraiser

We are offering a unique fundraising program for nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals, churches, etc. to raise funds and provide a monthly income. Not only will you receive funds upfront from the efforts of your fundraising participants, you will receive a monthly income from your signups for months and even years to come.

Art Day is a special day for the children to create art that they will showcase for their potential donors in an online art gallery. The donors for your organization will buy mugs, keychains, tote bags, and other items with the children's artwork on them to raise money for you. You will receive 100% of the profits of the items. Additionally, the fundraising participants will obtain Donation Partners who will donate $15/mo. to Unopoly, Inc.'s Don't Shake The Baby! $3 per month will come to your organization for these efforts; that can add up to tens of thousands of dollars to your organization per year.

For example: School No. 1 has 300 students who obtain 3 donors each, 900 donors x $3/mo. = $2,700/month for the school.

Consider the potential. Our fundraising program gives your organization 100% of the profits from the sales of the childrens' artwork with no effort from you, with no product to deal with. Additionally, you will receive $3/mo. from the monthly recurring donations. This is a win-win for all!

Unopoly, Inc. is a global enterprise. This Art Day fundraiser is available worldwide. We use PayPal for payments. The artwork can be scanned and the files sent to us by email so we can upload them to our art gallery for sale. If needed the artwork can be sent to us to be scanned. Artwork must be on white paper, 8 1/2" x 11". It can be created by crayon, paint, colored pencils, or any other media that will be flat. All artwork is kept by us unless the sender pays to have it returned to them, if it will be sent to us for scanning. The artwork is sold from the online art gallery and sent to the buyers in the way they request it, as keychains, tote bags, mugs, etc. Additionally, the person or organization who initiates and organizes the Art Day fundraiser for a school, hospital, church, etc. is eligible to receive $1 per signup monthly thereafter for their efforts in providing the fundraiser. In the above example that would be $900/month for the organizer of the fundraiser. Everybody wins with Unopoly, Inc.!

Note: If you would like to become an Art Day organizer from outside of the U.S. and can't use PayPal we will send you your monthly payments by Western Union. Additionally, if a person from outside the U.S. cannot afford the monthly $15 donation initially but wants to organize Art Days for organizations we will waive the donation commitment and take it out of the proceeds from your work when we send it to you. Please feel free to contact us by email to make this arrangement. Organizers can make fantastic profits with our program.